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15 years experience, and the only Advanced Certified Retul fitter in Ohio/Kentucky/Indiana


$20,000 invested into the BioWheels fit studio

BioWheels-Cincinnati fit studio featured in the Moots catalog.

 …Just another update fyi.  Had pretty much a breakthrough last night.  Just my typical short 15 m ride, but i did my fastest time ever with my fastest ave speed and fastest max speed.  Felt totally great with my seat and hands totally fine the whole time.  Also had a breathing breakthrough.  Just all around great ride.Sooo glad I had the fitting done.  Everything’s changed..  Shawn R. ~ Loveland, OH (recreational cyclist)

Quotes like the one above are music to our ears.  Proper bike fit has been the foundation for the BioWheels business model since 1994.  The six-month free stem swap for new bikes made its first appearance at BioWheels its very first year, and it points to the importance proper fit has always held for us.  Thousands of documented full fitting sessions later – the value of the fit sessions increase every year along with our knowledge and experience gained.

Our offerings:

| $275 / 2 hours |


- an initial off-the-bike physical assessment and interview where we can address your concerns about performance, pain, or any other issues you hope to alleviate during the bike fit.

- On the bike, LED markers are strategically placed on eight anatomical points: the wrist, elbow, shoulder, hip, knee, ankle, heel, and toe.

– As you pedal, Retül’s sensor bar gathers real-time, three-dimensional data of your pedal strokes and movements. Retül’s rotating platform allows us to collect data from both sides of the cyclist without the rider leaving the bike. We can then compare and address left vs. right asymmetry.

The Zin, Retül’s handheld digitizer, allows us to digitally map out your bike at 13-15 points. Your bike fit will be captured and recorded in an easy-to-read report – if you ever change out a saddle down the road, you will be able to get the position adjusted right.

– Your data is compiled into a reader-friendly report for analysis, where we then assess your position and make necessary adjustments.

- The fit information is saved and stored on our computer. The data includes your personal profile, specific data and measurements from the fit, bike measurements, and your final fit position. We will then be able to access and print these records for comparison and tracking of historical fit data for you.

– A 5-page pdf report will be in your inbox by the time you return home from your bike fit.

These before and after images from one of our client’s Retul data sheets shows the usefulness of the Retul software’s knee tracking program (the 3D is watching for lateral movement of the knee joint). In this case, it was a pair of Pearl Izumi 1:1 insoles with a 1.5deg varus forefoot wedge inserted that made the difference – making a very good pedal stroke even better (straight is great).


Foundation Fit $150 | 1 hour

The fundamental basic bike fit. If you have yet to have had a professional bike fit – and aren’t ready to spring for the Retul fit.  After a short warm-up, visual cleat inspection and adjustment if needed, saddle height and fore/aft set within safety range, reach to bars, and center of balance is established. Stem and handlebar swap are available at additional cost.

Fitting appointments are available at 7:00am |10:00am | 12:00pm | 2:00pm | 4:00pm | 6:00pm on Wednesdays & Thursdays. Also available at 10:00am | 12:00pm | 2:00pm | 4:00pm on Saturdays. Contact BioWheels-Cincinnati to schedule an appointment today at 513.861.2453.


Equipment, training, and experience - the foundation of the BioWheels bicycle fit.


all to take the guesswork out of the bicycle fit.

Training: With bicycle fitting, the concept of “garbage in-garbage out” most definitely applies.  Therefore, proper schooling, training, and experience is critical to achieving exceptional bike fits.  BioWheels’ Mitch Graham is a certified Retul and Waterford Bicycle Professional Fitmaster as well as a certified Professional Fit Kit Technician.  Additionally, every single employee of BioWheels-Cincinnati is trained on Fit Kit and understands the importance of good bike fit.

Experience: Outside of the store, Mitch combines 18 years of  personal competitive road and off-road cycling experience as well as over 1500 documented in-store fit sessions for a whole range of clients (triathletes, endurance mountain bikers, club riders, cyclocrossers, and weekend warriors). Experience is critical to the ultimate quality of a bike fit – each fit session is a lesson for the fit technician as well as the client (cyclist). Those lessons accumulate over the years into a knowledge that cannot be taught in a weekend fit seminar.

BioWheels-Cincinnati Bicycle Purchase Policy – every bike sold in the store, includes a complimentary one hour ‘Foundation Fit’, a fitting that safely establishes the three points-of-contact (pedals, saddle, and handlebar) of rider to bike. The stem, and sometimes handlebar, is swapped out free of charge to achieve the best fit. This ‘Foundation Fit‘ in a stationary trainer provides the perfect opportunity as well to get acquainted with your new bike and learn the shifting, clipless pedals, and maintenance.

Client testimonial:

…Really, that was awesome. And thank you for the fit because 1. I learned a lot; 2. I have never felt comfortable until now!  I cant thank you enough!  ~ Matt W.  Lexington, KY (Ironman triathlete)
…OMG I would not have believed that just a few small adjustments made such a big difference.  NO back pain other than the ususal fatigue that you get when you do a hard ride.  My hip and foot numbness….TOTALLY GONE! This honestly is the best I have felt since the bike was purchased.  I am so comfortable with the new lower position and it was easy to keep my arms bent because I was not falling forward the entire time.  Thanks so much.  It is wonderful to feel powerful again on the ride. – Olivia L. Lebanon, OH (road group rides)
…I wanted to give a quick update…your positioning updates have really helped. I feel for a beginner I’m making great strides. I just finished a 50mi Loveland trail ride last Sunday at a 19.25mph pace so I believe I am really starting to get the hang of this and I can tell it’s definitely a sport I can excel in and enjoy. Better yet, I’m halfway to my century ride goal so I’ll have to amend my own goals. ~ Michael L. Cincinnati, OH (road group rides)
…Quick update – 5 hrs 45 mins in the saddle yesterday – no back pain or calf cramping! Two words – miracle worker! ~ Chris C. Loveland, OH (Cat 4 Road, Cyclocross)
…I was amazed at all the data collection points and how well that translated into real world changes on the bike that actually felt more comfortable. If more folks only knew that they don’t have a clue about bike fit, they would be coming to you in droves! I am going to share my data and let people know what a great investment a bike fit is! ~ Karen W. Dayton, OH (Masters UCI World Champion – Cyclocross)
…had a good 20 mile ride yesterday morning on what feels like a totally different bike. The hips and back feel great. John L. – Cincinnati, OH (road group rides)
…Thank you again for the time you spent getting me fit correctly a couple of weeks ago. The adjustments have worked like a charm. My saddle sores have all but subsided. ~ Dave L. Cincinnati, OH (road group rides)
…I’m very happy that I went with the Retul fit. I can tell a huge difference, especially while climbing, I just feel much more comfortable on the bike. ~ Mike W. Loveland, OH (road group rides)
…Just touching base to let you know my rides since the retul fit have been awesome! I can’t thank you enough, I am having the best rides ever. Cathy D. ~ Cincinnati, OH (Ironman triathlete)
…I cant describe how much better my bike feels…my legs stayed fresh and I could tell a huge difference in efficiency and certainly in power… it felt fantastic and I can tell a major difference. I believe everything will improve with each ride and I want to thank you for this.  Josh E.  ~ Lexington, KY (road group rides)
…I went out for about an hour yesterday, the bike was amazing. Took some time to get use to it, but my cadence on the flats was way stronger.  Climbing also improved with the longer front end.  Overall an awesome improvement.  William B. ~ Cincinnati, OH (Cat 4 Road)
…Just another update fyi.  Had pretty much a breakthrough last night.  Just my typical short 15 m ride, but i did my fastest time ever with my fastest ave speed and fastest max speed.  Felt totally great with my seat and hands totally fine the whole time.  Also had a breathing breakthrough.  Just all around great ride.Sooo glad I had the fitting done.  Everything’s changed..  Shawn R. ~ Loveland, OH (recreational cyclist)

….I have ridden twice on the road and once off road. In short, I love it. I feel like I am getting significantly more power to the pedals. I have been trying to find a negative with the new fit, but cannot. Thank you so much!  Seth N. ~ Cincinnati, OH (CX)


Contact BioWheels-Cincinnati to schedule an appointment today at 513.861.2453.

7 Responses to BioWheels-Cincinnati Bicycle Fitting Services

  1. Terry Wyatt says:

    I’d like to schedule a road bike fit for mid-late March. Please let me know what is available & about how long it will take.


  2. Mitch says:

    Hi Terry – thanks for question. And thanks for emailing me directly as well. A Foundation Fit takes approximately one hour, and the Retul fit is about 2 hours. I’m always available during the week and Saturdays to do a bike fit – just email me at and I will immediately get it and respond to set it up. Thank you ~ Mitch

  3. Andy Rainey says:

    I’m looking to get fitted for my bike. Each year I get more into cycling and this year I hope to take my riding to the next level. Can you provide pricing for the fittings you offer.


    Andy Rainey

  4. Mitch says:

    Hi Andy,
    Yes, our Foundation Fit (1 hour) is $150, and Retul Fit (2 hours) is $275.

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  6. Cliff J. says:

    Hey Mitch,

    You fitted me about a month ago, and I want to say, Thanks, what a great job you did.
    I just completed the Rev3 Full Iron distance triathlon at Cedar Point and I have to say
    I have never been more comfortable in the aero position.
    I have never been able to stay in the aero position very long before it would bother my back.
    After being fit by you, I stayed aero longer than I ever had for an Iron distance triathlon which
    gave me a good bike time, even with some very strong headwinds.

  7. Mitch says:

    Cliff – awesome great to hear and great job at Rev3!!

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